Our Story

How it Started

It all started when some late night Googling led to a journey into the world of artificial intelligence and code. Piecing together gibberish lines of numbers, letters, and punctuation, and seeing something meaningful come out, became a blissfully ignorant obsession.

This new hobby  eventually sparked a dream to understand Python and Javascript well enough to program and develop a new tool that people could enjoy and share across the world.

Coming from the advertising industry and working as a Brand Planner where it's your job to inspire creativity, making something that could help in that process made the most sense.

So with the help of some friends Thought-Starter was born, a source of A.I tools built to provide creative inspiration to copywriters, art directors, strategists, and anyone else interested in understanding information through a unique and unexpected point of view.

We believe that the beauty of Artificial Intelligence lies not in its ability to copy humans, but in it's failure to do so. Knowing that good ideas often grow from multiple bad ones, we value A.I's ability to quickly process information and translate it in unexpected ways using a uniquely focused point of view.

We look forward to developing new tools that inspire, and exploring the creative potential of A.I by using existing knowledge in different ways. If you are interested in collaborating on a project or have any recommendations, we would love to hear from you.

The Team


Scott Sidhu

Founder and Developer
Brand Planner at EP+Co

Christina Riccitelli

UX Designer
VP Programmatic Media at OpAD Media

Kassa Kebede

Senior Account Executive at Foxquilt