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Thought-Starter is a source of A.I tools built to provide creative inspiration.
Meet your creative side-kicks

They never let the things they can't do, stop them from doing the things they can.

Sofia Von Solutions

The idea generator

Cardinal McColors

The text-to-color generator

Lord Peter Poetry

The poem generator

Don Julio Doodles

The doodle generator

Sir Charlie Chatsworth

The fast "fact" generator

Priscilla Pictures

The word picture cloud generator

Who we are

We believe that the beauty of Artificial Intelligence lies not in its ability to copy humans, but in it's failure to do so. Knowing that good ideas often grow from multiple bad ones, we value A.I's ability to quickly process information and translate it in unexpected ways using a uniquely focused point of view.

Our goal is to explore the creative potential of A.I by using existing knowledge in different ways. If you are interested in collaborating on a project or have any recommendations,  we would love to hear from you.